Consumer Protection Board

The relaunch of the Consumer Protection Board website. Design by Kert Pilman, Drupal 7 platform.

Structure and technical base from the upcoming Estonian Government Portal. Launched at December 2013.

Universitas Tartuensis
Website for the magazine of University of Tartu. Design by the Fraktal design agency. Built on the Drupal 7 platform. 
Custom layouting interface based on the Panels module gives the content editors unlimited freedom in structuring the magazine-cover-like front page. Launched at December 2013.
Estonian Reform Party

New public website for one of the biggest Estonian political parties. Design and UI by Fraktal. Based on the Drupal 7 platform, the site features intuitive search and enhanced navigation for election programs and districts. Automatic imports from the intranet for members and candidate information. Integration with blogging platforms and social media. Launched on 1st of September, 2013.

ERJK information system

Information system for ERJK, the committee overseeing the funding of the political parties. Architecture and development of the web-based environment for collecting, verifying and approving of financial reports; custom built access control and role management; automated data control integration with the Estonian business and population registries. Based on PHP framework and the Drupal 7 engine. Project completed July 2013.

Public queries and website -

Sanoma frontpage

Public website for one of the largest media and learning corporations in Europe. Design and UI solutions by E-Types from Copenhagen.
Built on the Drupal 7 platform, the website features modern AJAX/CSS3 look-and-feel for specialized content pages; integrations to outside sources such as Twitter, Investis and NASDAQ OMX stock exchange; a heavily customized responsive layout system on top of the Omega theme; content migration from EZ Publish to Drupal. Public launch June 2013.

Danske Bank

Sampo Bank's website upgrade and facelift to Danske Bank. Design provided by the client. Saurus Platform 4.7, a special solution for user management, banner management and frontend static export. The site is public since December 2012.

Lux Express Travel

Package travel sales platform for the bus operator Lux Express. Graphic design by Kert Pilman. Built on Drupal 7. Based on Drupal Commerce sales system, with custom solutions for checkout process, including integration with backend ticket purchasing system, money transmission service Adyen and hotel alotment management. First website public since September 2012, oriented for St. Petersburg's market.


Environmental Education Information Portal for Environmental Board. Design by Velvet. Saurus Platform 4.7. Special solutions for photo gallery, map application, information system of educational programs and educational materials. The site is public since September 2012.


Website for the Tiger Leap Foundation. Built on Drupal 7. Responsive design, Google Custom Search, a special solution for event calendar. The site is public since September 2012.

Eesti Pank

The new public site for Bank of Estonia, based on the Drupal 7 platform. Built with responsive support for mobile devices and in accordance with the accessibility and security requirements of WCAG and ISKE standards. Content migration from Livelink to Drupal, integration with bank's internal information systems.


Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK). Platform for websites in administrative field of Centre of Registers and Information Systems. Drupal 7, multisite architecture, high availability, Active Directory LDAP integration for user management, Estonian etymological dictionary. WCAG 2.0 AA. Design by Voxon.
First site on the platform that went public was at the beginning of 2012

University of Tartu

Common content management system for University of Tartu public sites. Design by Velvet. Platform Drupal 7, WCAG 2.0 AA, multisite architecture, approximately 70 sites. Data converter for Automatweb. In first phase main site was transferred to new platform at the beginning of 2012.

Estonian Information System's Authority

Public website of Estonian Information System's Authority. Prototyping, UI & UX analysis by Trinidad Consulting. Saurus CMS 4.7.1, WCAG 2.0 AA. Interfaced to LDAP, GoPro.
Site went public in March 2012.

Credit 24 Drupal 7 liidestatud Java backend

Credit24 websites content management system for five countries. Drupal 7 interfaced to Java backend. Design by DIA. First site on the platform that went public was Credit24 Estonia at the beginning of 2012.

Expresspost - newspapers and magazines subscriptions, books sale. Magento e-commerce platform. Interfacre for ExpressPost retail management and accounting software.

Estonian Air

Estonian Air airlines main site, campaign sites and ongoing developments. Design by Velvet. Saurus 4.7.1.

Estonian Environmental Board - Estonian Environmental Board. Interface for Persona contacts management system. Subsites integrated to common content management base. Saurus CMS. Soomaa National Park Lahemaa National Park



Community Tools

Community Tools information and events management platform for communities. Wide scale of content and user management solutions. Based on Drupal 7.  


Website of Selver supermarkets chain, campaigns management, interactive recipe collection. Saurus CMS 4.7.1.

Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations

Portal of civil society. Drupal 7. Design by Velvet.


MyLook webstore on Magento platform. Ongoing developments since 2008.